Aplikasi dan Permainan FB

Aplikasi dan Permainan

  • A Casual Flash RPG which allows player to create and customize their own NINJA, train up with more than 300 animated Jutsu, Missions, Weapons, Pets. Challenge your friends in REAL TIME PvP battles. Clans system is up and running now, Play now!
    4.200.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Play this popular multiplayer billiard game with your online friends and thousands of opponents from around the world.
    10.000.000 orang bermain ini.

  • 1.700.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Fling birds and pop pigs with awesome power-ups. Get three stars and compete against your friends for the coveted golden crowns!
    21.400.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Football (soccer) Manager on Facebook! Create and manage your own Football (soccer) club.
    4.200.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Shoot eight ball pool against live players.
    1.900.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Lead a team of heroes to keep New York safe from a mysterious threat and save the world from villains in the newest Facebook RPG.
    8.500.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Poker texas dalam bahasa Indonesia. Downloadnya gratis, cara mainnya gampang, ratusan riiiibu teman sudah bergabung di sini.
    1.300.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Stick Run is the most popular Jump'N'Run game on facebook. You should give it a try!
    4.800.000 orang bermain ini.

  • There's a lonely puppy waiting for you. Teach him how to throw a grenade!
    3.700.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Collect powerful weapons, defeat enemies and win battles. Liaise with neighbors, protect your island and stay ahead in the game!
    10.900.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Embark on a medieval adventure and create the greatest empire of all the times
    6.100.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Car Town takes car fun to a whole new level. Join your friends on a road trip or race your friends in a drag race. Customize your garage, personalize your avatars, and of course collect awesome cars!
    5.800.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Care for your Virtual Pet! Dress your Pet, decorate rooms, shop, play games and do tons of fun activities with your friends’ Pets!
    5.000.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Come and join a world of glamour; create fabulous looks, shop at trendy stores and find hot items you've always dreamed of!
    2.200.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Build your military city and train your soldiers to face the threat of the outer space invaders!
    4.400.000 orang bermain ini.

  • create yourself, and expPico World, a virtual world where you can reress your own style with users from around the world!
    490.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Play Tetris® Battle, one of the world's most popular games on Facebook, for free!
    15.800.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Do you have what it takes to become a FIFA superstar? Manage your football club to greatness in EA SPORTS™ FIFA Superstars!
    2.000.000 orang bermain ini.

  • A brand new way to play poker..BEWARE !!! the table is hot.Join now, play for free.
    370.000 orang bermain ini.

  • The Sims are on Facebook! Have fun with relationships, careers, decorating and more. Play with life today for free!
    15.500.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Challenge your friends to furious battles and team up with allies in the best fighting game! Join the epic adventure today!
    1.500.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Zynga Slingo combines the fortune of slots, with a Bingo style gameboard for an exciting new take on a game millions already love!
    15.800.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Build the City of your Dreams! Join the millions of people that play CityVille every day!
    36.900.000 orang bermain ini.

  • CastleVille is the only game where you create your own Happy Ending! Make your Kingdom the fairest of them all. Play now!
    22.100.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Join the gem rush! Diamond Dash is a 60 second gem rush: click colorful gems, unleash magic diamonds and compete with your friends
    18.900.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Open your own hot spot in Nightclub City! Customize your nightclub with an assortment of decorative items, invite the hottest celebrities to boost your nightclub's popularity, and kick the jerks to the curb with your bouncer!
    720.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Battle your way to victory in the No. 1 space strategy game on Facebook! Challenge friends, form alliances & colonize new planets!
    1.800.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Monster Galaxy is an exciting new role-playing game where you can fight and collect over a hundred wild monsters. Join your friends on a fantastic adventure as you battle together to tame the zodiac and save the world! Can you catch them all?
    1.000.000 orang bermain ini.

  • The music game revolution is here and it's all about your Freedom to Play!
    1.100.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Find and capture hundreds of unique Miscrits. Evolve them, train them, and fight them with your friends.
    1.200.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Create your Neosaur in this epic multiplayer adventure! Equip armor, gear, and skills to fight the creatures of the Dark.
    440.000 orang bermain ini.

  • It’s a fashion & friendship game! Sell new styles in your own shop, dress up in high fashion, and give your friends a makeover.
    3.100.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Build your own amusement park in Rollercoaster Mania! Attract visitors with rollercoasters. Sell them food for extra money.
    1.200.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Let the decorating frenzy get to you and be the greatest shop manager ever! PLAY NOW!
    950.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Your friends anncade fighting game!
    1.000.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Search Volcano Island for magical creatures called Miscrits. Train them, evolve them, and battle your Miscrits!
    1.100.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Build an empire, hatch powerful monsters and bathe in enemy blood in the most popular real-time strategy game on Facebook!
    2.200.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Explore beautiful scenes, find clues, and solve the mystery of Hidden Chronicles, the world's most social hidden object game.
    21.800.000 orang bermain ini.

  • DDTank is a casual massively multiplayer online game (MMO) with cute graphics and fun, fast, competitive gameplay. This is the official Facebook MMO DDTank app. Come play today at
    360.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Slash fruit and slice your way to the top of the leaderboards in the Facebook version of the iOS smash hit Fruit Ninja!
    5.800.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Style your pet and decorate it's home with gorgeous furnishings. Best clothes and furniture on Facebook!
    1.100.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Go Fishing! Escape from work routine and city hassle into the peaceful wilderness of the best fishing spots around the world.
    760.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Irresistible kittens and puppies are waiting to be adopted by you!
    1.900.000 orang bermain ini.

  • The world's best free online soccer manager game
    100.000 orang bermain ini.

  • GodsWar Online adalah game 3D MMORPG bertemakan kisah mitologi Yunani kuno yang dapat dimainkan secara GRATIS. Bergabung dalam game Facebook yang paling cute dan nikmati pengalaman bertempur bersama dewa dewi Yunani kuno!
    40.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Would you like to try your hand managing your very own Football club? Now is your chance! 11x11 Online Football Manager lets you set up your club, hire players, train them, and pit your team against your friends' teams all around the world!
    420.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Join the Caféland community and start running your personal café! The decoration is all up to you and you're free to try hundreds of dishes from world cuisine! Roll up your sleeves, Chefs! The cooking season starts!
    590.000 orang bermain ini.

  • You're the boss in Facebook's original and best restaurant game! Create your own menu, hire your friends and try NEW cooking challenges! Join your friends now!
    1.500.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Welcome to Texas HoldEm Poker Deluxe, the hottest new Texas HoldEm application on Facebook, iOS and Android!
    480.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Join the #1 Chess app on Facebook - play with the largest and best Chess playing community.
    370.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Events gathering for our animation game Pockie Ninja
    180.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Facebook's #1 First Person Shooter - Instant 3D Massively Multiplayer Action
    790.000 orang bermain ini.

  • We're BINGO Blitz, the #1 Bingo game on Facebook! Play our high-action version of Bingo, Lotería, and Slots for free!
    3.200.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Can you clear all bubbles? Burst colorful bubbles.
    10.300.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Rated A+ fun for everyone!
    2.300.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Play DoubleDown Casino for FREE, the most popular casino on Facebook! Play on Facebook or on your smart phone - FREE chips daily!
    5.100.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Build your stadium AND your team. Play matches and challenges against your friends and rivals. Footy! is THE fun football game on Facebook, packed with personality and playability. Get your Friends and head on down to the pitch.
    330.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Let's fighting
    120.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Build your own dream city and become a powerhouse CEO. Take risks, care for your properties, and watch the money roll in.
    1.700.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Rise through the ranks of the mafia and take over the city in this next gen crime game! Build up your hood, do jobs, and fight other players!
    1.300.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Join your friends and battle your way to victory in this multiplayer action game.
    530.000 orang bermain ini.

  • 8 ball version of billiard
    370.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Create and customize a clan of ninjas then ally or battle against all of your friends using tons of weapons and relics.
    680.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Join the Bubble Witches (and their cats!) on a Saga-quest to banish the Evil Spirits!
    21.200.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Play the award-winning hit, Bejeweled Blitz! You have 60 seconds to strategize, match and detonate as many gems as you can.
    9.700.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Urban Rivals is a multiplayer game with more than 500 characters to discover, collect and develop by fighting live combats against other players. You can decide your own fate. You can choose to have fight after fight to rise up in the rankings and
    310.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Join your friends in FarmVille, the world’s biggest farming game! Grow hundreds of crops, trees, and animals! More added every day
    22.400.000 orang bermain ini.

  • My Top Fans analyzes your social interactions and finds your top fans.
    1.600.000 orang bermain ini.

  • The first football game that lets you play the life of a footballer.
    1.000.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Online railroad game with over 500 steam giants and modern locomotives. Players can build and manage their own train station.
    430.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Collect amazing karts, customize, paint & race friends in online multiplayer! Complete driving quests & build an awesome garage!
    280.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Mighty Pirate! Arrrrrgh you ready to set sail and conquer the frightful seas? Rare booty awaits.
    260.000 orang bermain ini.

  • With the Earth's resources all but spent, humans have colonized planets in the outer rims. Do you have the will to conquer the galaxy by any means necessary?
    20.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Play and challenge your friends to fun and addicting games like Wheel of Fortune Slots, Video Bingo, Solitaire, and more!
    6.400.000 orang bermain ini.

  • MouseHunt is a fun adventure game where players engage in royal quests to catch the unique and ridiculous mice!
    190.000 orang bermain ini.

  • The best Texas Hold'em on the Android market is now available on Facebook. Got tired from Zynga Poker? Join our cool poker community make new friends and Play poker without aggressive ads and commercial offers.
    690.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Mankind has descended into madness. Warring factions battle for control of Earth’s resources. The world is up for grabs.
    1.500.000 orang bermain ini.

  • The Official Deal or No Deal Game on Facebook!
    560.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Auto Collect Games Bonuses helps you to collect all the gifts your friends may share with you through different games.
    1.100.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Challeng friends in Zuma Blitz, the blazing-fast new game from the makers of Bejeweled Blitz! It's the hottest minute on Facebook!
    2.400.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Grow flowers in your garden and prepare floral arrangements in your very own Flower Shop!
    480.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Zombies Online is a Free Online Role Playing Game that runs directly in your browser! The game has been designed to be played with your friends - co-op battles have never been this easy to access and fun to play. Try it out now!
    480.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Got a craving for a cupcake? Play Cafe Life and you can make delicious desserts, drinks, and fulfill your dreams of running your very own dessert cafe!
    690.000 orang bermain ini.

  • The most exciting marksmanship competition on the web. Top Shot.
    890.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Challenge your friends to a live pool billiard duel.
    230.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Create and manage your own airline. Build up a solid economy and get investors to your company.
    90.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Build bases, purchase arms, neutralize your enemies, and rise to the challenge to FIGHT FOR YOUR COUNTRY.
    20.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Mafia Wars : Leave a legacy behind.
    1.600.000 orang bermain ini.

  • The Hunger Games Adventures is an epic adventure game for Facebook based on the novel and film The Hunger Games.
    1.000.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Discover a whole new world of Solitaire in this fast-paced treasure hunt! Match cards quickly to clear the decks in 60 seconds!
    2.500.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Play Stardoll on Facebook. Dress-up dolls in the latest fashion, move into a fabulous suite and style your own Stardoll world.
    1.800.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Free Social Casino by diwip. Slot Machines, Bingo, Poker, Blackjack and Roulette
    2.000.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Decorate your own Monster garden!
    7.800.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Build the kingdom of your dreams with your friends in Magic Land. Fight fire-breathing dragons in this epic adventure!
    4.300.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Mix and match candy for spectacular effects in the sweetest facebook game ever! Lots of exciting, fun and challenging levels!
    7.700.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Ten-Hut! Become a powerful army commander, gather your troops and lead them to victory.
    790.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Pluto Attacks features a richer casual experience with a wider appeal than comparable titles, because it features high-quality artwork, fast loading time, and a story-driven single-player mode unique to this genre of game.
    110.000 orang bermain ini.

  • ChessCube is where players from all over the world gather to play live chess games and tournaments.
    40.000 orang bermain ini.

  • The best Ninja game ever!
    120.000 orang bermain ini.

  • What do you do when you're a young, hot celebrity who has a sharp taste for fashion and enough money to chase your dreams - more glitz and even more glamour? Well, you build your own Fashion Empire, of course!
    430.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Drive as fast as possible, dodge other cars and jump over them!
    950.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Can you shoot curved free kicks? Play
    620.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Create your very own ranch! Grow organic crops and animals, cook tasty organic food in your café! Start ranching and join the fun!
    400.000 orang bermain ini.

  • It's time for you to discover the elixir of eternal life! Start Now!
    2.200.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Bingo Bash is action packed game of BINGO with features like powerups and treasures that makes the game super exciting!
    2.200.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Let's help each advance successfully in Facebook games!
    440.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Share your vision of a perfect place to live in with your friends. Create your dream town!
    1.600.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Play the most popular 3D Poker game and win BIG. High Stakes Action at its best!
    470.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Come and check out my awesome Airport! Do you have the skills to be the next great aviation tycoon?
    1.800.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Slotomania is taking Facebook by storm. The best Vegas slot machines are just waiting to be unlocked.
    7.500.000 orang bermain ini.

  • You are in charge of your own high fashion line. Express your style & share your original creations with friends.
    1.100.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Play the best poker game on Facebook. Build your own mafia and play poker with your friends.
    260.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Pot all the red balls in the pockets.
    1.100.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Gardens of Time is a visually stunning hidden object game. Travel to majestic locations throughout time and decorate your garden!
    4.700.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Kill Zombies. Smack them with a shovel or shoot them with a shotgun. Regain control on your neighborhood.
    1.300.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Play chess on Facebook! Play as many games as you like at your own pace, or play against the computer!
    190.000 orang bermain ini.

  • 拿起你的武器, 對抗邪惡的黑暗勢力, 守護勇者村的安寧! 戰鬥, 冒險, 成就勇者榮耀!
    400.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Build, fight, scavenge and survive against infected and humans alike in this action strategy RPG.
    390.000 orang bermain ini.

  • "Gone Fishing" - the simulator for players loving angling, beauty of nature and social interaction
    80.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Play freestyle soccer with Around the World (ATW) tricks. Play
    470.000 orang bermain ini.

  • Build the crime empire of your dreams, run casinos, fight gangsters, and more!
    910.000 orang bermain ini.

  • The most realistic Texas Hold'em poker game on Facebook.
    450.000 orang bermain ini.


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